Funny Jokes For Adults – Stand-Up Comedy Act

But First! Earning your own income in life without needing the general work force, is the best thing you could do. Whether it’s stand-up comedy or a home based business, the Rat Race is a good comedy act on it’s own but it is always good to run your own business and there is always plenty of comedy and funny jokes for adults.

When you’re at work they chain you behind a desk, or strap you to a bulldozer or whatever it is they make you do, and expect you to stay there from 9 a.m. to between 5 and 6 p.m. You get a half hour for lunch too! If you’re lucky and you’re not even eligible for retirement till you’re 65. That’s over 45 years of hard, back breaking labor you can expect! And it’s 8 hours a day too, not including the 8 hours you spend winding down and the other 8 hours you spend sleeping it off.

In fact if you work it out, out of a possible 45 years (and that’s if you live long enough) you’ll be lucky if you get 12 years real time to yourself. Twelve years, and what for? So you can devote most of your life working your guts out at a job you hate, earning just enough money to cover your costs for doing the job it self. Sound ridiculous? It is ridiculous. Take a minute to think about what you actually go through to earn the money that says what you are worth! With the funny jokes for adults and the typical 9 to 5 personal development is what will save you from it.

But then again you don’t need me to tell you that, after all, you’re probably sitting there thinking “When is he going to tell us more about stand-up comedy?” Fair enough, so let’s begin. The first thing is to take account of your present situation. Are you at, or have you just finished school? Or do you currently have a job? If you are still at school, you may have to leave before doing it seriously. However this is also done, simply by a matter of not attending’ any classes at all, ever again.

After the first few weeks they soon get sick of bothering to read your name at roll call, and assume you have left for good. For those who have already left or finished school, the matter is even simpler: A good place to start is at 12 step meetings where you can immediately start sharing your story, start making people laugh and telling more funny jokes for adults at the end of the meeting. Getting the right skills talking in front of people and making them laugh is a big challenge, it’s a bit like catching a fish.

Funny Jokes, Problems While Sharing and The Best Solutions

Funny jokes make our life good. Life is good when we keep on laughing. Our laughter ensures another’s laughter. It is very infectious kind of thing. It breaks the silence and helps everyone to express. People get closure while having fun and laughter. There is an element of sense of humor in everyone. Some people feel shy in expressing and some do not realize it. Just think for a while and ask to yourself that why do we do lots of work and efforts? The answer is to make ourselves and our families happy and satisfied. So why not to share some funny jokes to make everyone smiling. Laughter is inevitable for everybody. It keeps us healthy.

Each one of us wants to have fun and enjoyment but there are some barriers which stop us. So here I would like to share those problems with best solution.

Problem #1: You may feel that you are not capable of making others laugh. The fear of rejection is there. You think that if you crack a joke and no one laugh than you will get insulted.

Solution: Yes, you are right but it doesn’t mean that you are not capable of making others laugh. The thing you should do, is practice. Take care of your body language and notes on your voice. Try to share pranks with your family first. They will not react like others. When you feel that you are able to make people laugh than go ahead. First share some funny things with less friends than start gossiping in group. It is as simple as that.

Problem #2: No one listens to me. Whenever I start sharing something, my friends get bored. Sometimes they laugh on me.

Solution: You feel that people are not interested in listening you. Sometimes we do not know what to share with whom. Your selection of right audience matters a lot. People are not interested in listening you because you do not share what they want to listen. For example, You can not share adult jokes at home and religious jokes at college. So please think about people’s interest and present yourself in that way. Try to match your skills with their interest and you will gain their trust.

Problem #3: Whenever I try to share fun material, I feel that lines might have been shared by someone else. So it stops me.

Solution: Yes, People don’t like repeated pranks but always remember there is way to share the things. You often see your favorite movie again and again, why? It is simply because you like the way stars have acted. It really matters how you express. Many people share repeated funny stuff but that result laughter. So be confident, go ahead and spread fun wherever you go. Try to grab fresh one liner jokes from different sources.

Why Do Men Like Dirty Adult Jokes?

It’s true. Some men don’t like adult dirty jokes, but I think you’ll find that most men love them. Even guys who appear very conservative at first look, will often surprise you with a joke that they spring on you.

Why do men like adult dirty jokes? Simple. Most men like to laugh. At an early age, most men are exposed to bathroom humor and other juvenile humor. Their fathers sometimes tell them, or they may hear them from their friends. For whatever reason, it never seems to wear off. They go through their whole lives appreciating bathroom humor, juvenile humor, and other humor.

It’s also kind of like being part of a secret club. It’s kind of a bonding thing. When guys share adult dirty jokes, they are opening up to each other, sharing a laugh, and experiencing a brief connection. Women wouldn’t appreciate such an exercise in bonding – it’s a guy thing.

Jokes are also often shared during times when men are together for manly activities such as at the bar, hunting, working on cars, golfing, etc. Humor is always part of these experiences and adult dirty jokes often play a role.

Explaining why men like adult dirty jokes is analogous to explaining why a man climbs a mountain or why a man scratches himself. There is no easy answer. It’s just part of being a man. In short, it’s a guy thing. They are not for every man, but they simply a part of life for others.

Funny Jokes For Adults And Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy has evolved in harmony with the Earth and there is an interesting story attached to this. It’s more than just funny jokes for adults, but a Long time ago before our time, and before people as we know them to existed today, our planet was formed from a cataclysmic “bang” out in the cosmos.

The blueprint of Comedy: Comedy and funny jokes for adults was fused into the very material that went into making our own planet. Much later when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, they themselves were destined to suffer the consequences of this cosmic idleness. Consider why those mammoth creatures disappeared, again the answer is clear, they died of boredom.

Why they didn’t have television. It is said that evidence exists to suggest that man did, in fact, survive the ice-age. True, most died in that endless cold, but the clever ones stayed at home in their caves in front of a cozy fire making up funny jokes for adults which is one theory of how stand-up comedy first started off! Not very likely but it started off as home entrainment in the beginning.

Let us consider: Before stand-up comedy and funny jokes for adults, there were other startling fundamentals of our planet’s development. Firstly we will consider Newton’s first law of relativity,, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. We can best illustrate this by observing the very length of time our planet took to develop life forms. For a long, long time nothing happened, so what was the reaction? Nothing! Eventually microscopic unicellular organisms were in existence, but they got tired of floating around in a massive ocean, so they teamed up to form the first species of fish.

That makes a lot of sense: But what has funny jokes for adults and stand-up comedy got to do with fish? Now if you’ve been attentive, you’ll be able to discern the makings of a pattern here… Yes, that cosmic blueprint was in evidence again. The fish had to keep swimming to survive and like the little amoeba, the fish got well and truly bored with swimming; just so they could breathe.

It took one enterprising little fish. The fish went up on to the beach and what was the first thing he did? Yes, he had a rest, but very shortly after this he developed lungs, so he could stay on the beach – resting. Now if it wasn’t for the fact that the fish got hungry he might never have developed lungs or legs and they are the main ingredients for Stand-up comedy and funny jokes for adults. And that’s how it all started.

Fifty Shades Paves the Way for a New Young Adult Novel

Fifty Shades of Grey’s BDSM theme and sexual content may be too much for young adult readers, but it has provided the platform for an up and coming author to achieve success by creating a “toned down” version of the romantic relationship of Christian and Anastasia. Warner Bros has been chosen to make the movie version of the self published e-book, later picked up by a publishing house, Beautiful Disaster. Novelist Jamie McGuire modeled this book after Fifty Shades, detailing the tumultuous relationship between a college student and her domineering crush, but minus the kinky-sex and S&M. Following in the path of The Hunger Games and the Twilight, this novel turned screenplay takes an adult style story and makes it appeal to a younger audience. The audience for these types of movies and books creates an opportunity not only for aspiring authors to find their niche but also for a huge payoff.

It appears that romance stories are not enough anymore and that there must be a conflict, and a little naughty interaction, for them to be popular. With all three of the successful titles preceding Beautiful Disaster, there is at the heart, a huge hurdle for the main characters to get over in order to have the love they desire. Fifty Shades and the two other books in the trilogy provide not only the conflict of opposing worlds, but also the juicy details of Christian and Anastasia’s bedroom activities. The question is: will Beautiful Disaster live up to the demands of the success of its big sister?

One thing is for sure, Fifty Shades of Grey is much too racy for young adult readers, but as times have proven, these readers are hungry for more mature content… now more than ever. With each passing decade, children of younger and younger ages are becoming desensitized to violence and sex. Movies, television and fiction that is supposed to appeal to a young audience is inundated with adult jokes, violence and sexual innuendos, claiming to be more fun for the parents and meaning a bigger paycheck from the box office. Unfortunately, kids are not blind to the changes and are picking up on much more than they used to, nothing gets by wide and curious eyes. As the movie version of this young-adult novel comes to fruition, there will be a difficult task for the producers to keep from making an adult film with a young-adult rating.

“Escape From Planet Earth”: Fun for Kids and Adults

Family comedies often focus so much on entertaining kids that the films forget about the adult viewers. “Escape from Planet Earth” provides enough laughs that kids and their parents will enjoy the film.

Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser, “The Mummy”) is an astronaut loved by people of all ages. Whenever an alien planet kidnaps a person, Supernova rushes off to help. He gets help from his brother Gary (Rob Corddry, “Hot Tub Time Machine”), who stays close to home at Mission Control. When a distress signal comes in from the Dark Planet, Supernova thinks he should immediately rush to help, while Gary thinks his brother should stay back and let someone else go.

Supernova goes against his brother’s wishes and runs off to the Dark Planet. Once there, viewers learn that the Dark Planet is actually Earth. When an evil military man decides to take Supernova hostage, Gary discovers that he’s the only one who can save his brother and defeat the evil lord of the Dark Planet.

Films aimed at children tend to keep their content light, but “Escape from Planet Earth” actually has a few darker moments. A spaceship traveling at high speed crushes a man, and a few scenes involve cannibalistic aliens. After Supernova reaches the Dark Planet, he encounters a general who often teases and tortures aliens who have found their way to Earth. Those scenes might be a little too dark for smaller children, but they keep this film from being just for kids.

The humor in the film falls on the shoulders of Fraser and Corddry, and they do a great job of keeping the laughs going. Corddry superbly plays the straight man, while Fraser does a brilliant job of playing the action hero. Fraser clearly draws from his work on films like “The Mummy” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and while he voices a character that looks nothing like him, adult viewers will find themselves picturing him every time the character opens his mouth.

Adult viewers will also get a kick out of General Shanker, who runs the Dark Planet. Voiced by William Shatner of “Star Trek” fame, the General is crazy and funny. While the script calls for a dark and sinister General, some viewers may be reminded of Shatner’s work on commercials for and smile whenever he starts talking. Shatner injects just the right amount of humor, and the General becomes one of the most memorable characters in the film.

Some viewers may feel put off by the stereotypes portrayed in the film. Nearly every female character is a sweet and loving woman who stays at home to raise the kids and cook dinner for her husband. The scientists don’t get off easy either. Even Gary, who is clearly the star and heart of the film, is a down-on-his-luck man who others tease and call a nerd because he likes science. His own son gets the same treatment, and some might find those scenes a little hard to watch.

“Escape from Planet Earth” is the type of movie where viewers need to listen closely when characters are speaking because the cast contains many quality actors and actresses. Ricky Gervais (“Ghost Town”) turns up as Mr. Bing, while Jessica Alba (“The Fantastic Four”) plays Lena. Viewers will also hear the voices of Sarah Jessica Parker (“Sex and the City”) and Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family”) popping up in the film. Those actors and actresses add plenty of laughs, playing characters similar yet at the same time completely different from their other on-screen roles.

” Escape from Planet Earth ” is at heart a sweet story about two brothers. Nearly everyone who watches the film will think about their own families, and in particular, their own brothers. Gary is the brother who is so afraid of the world outside Mission Control that he doesn’t know what to do with his life, and he even has problems forming a relationship with his own son. Supernova is so busy saving others that he doesn’t realize he has problems at home. When Gary finally steps up to the plate and heads off to save his brother, some viewers might want to walk out of the theater and call a loved one.

Rango Proves to Be More Fun for Adults

Rango seems like it would be just another kids animated film, but it’s not that at all.

Rango is about a regular chameleon who gets separated from his owners and left in the desert. He stumbles upon the town of dirt and realizes he can completely make up who he really is. And so he comes up with the rough and tough character of Rango. He speaks so highly of himself they name him town sheriff. The inhabitants of Dirt solely rely on their water supply and they worship this supply like it was an idol god. Well, when the water goes missing the townsmen look to Rango to save the day.

This is a great animated movie that the whole family can enjoy. Adults would seem to enjoy it more than the younger people with a lot of the jokes in the movie. It’s more innuendo type adult jokes so there’s no worries that kids will even know what they are laughing at. The animation itself is as always very well done.

The film stars Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Ned Beatty, Bill Nighy, and Timothy Olyphant. It was directed by Gore Verbinski, the same director that brought us The Ring and three of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Depp chose to lend his voice to a pretty good film. Sometimes animation films get kind of boring and can be a real drag to watch. But not “Rango.” I found myself captivated throughout the entire movie. It didn’t sound like Depp just phoned this performance in either. You can feel the emotion and character in Depps’s voice as Rango. I am also a big fan of Isla Fisher, who is the voice of Beans. You can definitely tell she changed her voice up quite a bit to play this part but I like the voice she came up with. Fisher seems like a very creative person to me and I like a lot of the roles from her career. Abigail Breslin as Priscilla, Ned Beatty as the mayor, and Timothy Olyphant also do such a fantastic job in their roles. I think Verbanski put together a great cast and that’s the reason this animated film is such a success. I also like that Verbanski is normally a live action film director but switched it up with the animated genre. I could easily see Verbinski doing many more anitmated feature films along with live action films.